Apple’s iBeacon & BLE technology: Reshaping The Future of Hospitals!

The beacon technology might not have nailed it in all the domains but is surely making a mark by offering great features for hospitals. The latest technologies are transforming the bequest systems including the usage of software on smart phones, patient charts and more.

Apple_iBeaconThe professionals today are quite open to adapting iBeacon and Bluetooth low energy technology. So what does this brilliant technology offer to hospitals? Let us have a look:

a) Patient cyclopedia

Hospitals staff in today’s age is getting over the traditional patient charts and is looking for digital alternatives. Doctors and nurses can now be equipped with iPads which are connected to the hospitals network so that they can get all the information about patients. It is a great way to amalgamate patient’s information, get back the lost charts, enhance the data accuracy and secure the sensitive data.

The introduction of iBeacons has blessed the doctors with relevant patient files as soon as they enter the room so that they do not have to ask their names. It is now easy to keep the patient’s name private instead of being loud about it!

b) Lost and found

The nurses working at the hospitals will now breathe a sigh of relief! Be it machinery, patient bed or wheel chair, nothing will go missing; thanks to the ibeacon technology. Instead of spending finances on replacing the missing hospital equipment, deploy the ibeacon technology and you are done! It will be a sensible decision on your part as these devices have a long battery life. Once hospital staff inculcates beacon tagging, they will be able to locate the lost equipments instantaneously. Apart from that, managing the equipment inventory will also become as easy as a pie!

c) Spot them

Wouldn’t it be great to find the staff or the person you were looking for? iBeacon technology will help you to find the staff that is on call or working in the hospital. The nurses will now be able to reach the doctors in case of emergencies and also find the other staff members without disturbing them . Although tracking the staff might raise privacy issues, they can be lessened by modifying security controls.

d) Steer your way through

Easy navigation is probably one of the major benefits of beacon technology! When your GPS do not work in internal areas or multiple floors, beacons are a blessing in disguise. Once iBeacon technology is implemented in the hospital, it will guide the visitors and the hospital staff to reach their desired destination through a simple map. So no forgetting, where you parked your car or where your relative is admitted! Apart from this facility, the application also offers contextual information about the waiting times and gives important notices to the staff and patients.

e) Check in at ease

Automated patient check-ins will now be a reality. If the patients keep visiting the hospital for regular check ups, treatments or therapies, the application will automatically identify them and checks them in on the front desk. It will also provide the patients with information about the hospital division they should go to, the waiting time-lines and other information.

Hospital_iBeaconIt wouldn’t be surprising if you get to see the hospital staff smiling due to the lessening of painstaking and prolonged procedures! Welcome iBeacon…

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