Tour Guides to Transform the Visitor Experience by Using Beacons!

Beacons have transformed the user experiences up to great extent. Many retail markets, malls, airports, parks, transport systems, gas stations etc have been using this technology to give more benefits to the customers. Equally, the response from the customers is also interesting to see as they are too enjoying the notifications and messages of the current offers at their fingertips. In the similar way, now the tourists can get handy information from the tour guide. Let’s now see how the tour guides can transform the visitor experience:

Visitors can find tour guides easily:

With the Beacon technology, now the visitors can find their tour guide by navigation system. For instance, if you are in a fort viewing different sculptures and architectural designs of the ancient times. And imagine you lost your way, you can find your tour guide by navigating the location. Isn’t it great to find the tour guides at your fingertips instead of searching all around the fort?

Get information about every place:

It is now possible to get every information about the sculptures and different monuments in the fort on your smartphones.  Moreover, when the tour guide explains about the importance of the place, you can simultaneously view the information live on your smartphone. Equally, this makes it pretty easy for you to understand the importance of the monument and the architecture.

Connect with different tour guides:

By using the beacons at the tourist centers, you can connect with the different tour guides if they are in the range of beacons. There is a possibility that the visitors can rate the tour guides making it easy for other tourists to select the best. However, this feature is not implemented at present, but it can be done through excellent Beacon BLE app development.

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Event Marketers Can Now Interact with More People through Beacons!

Beacon is no more an unknown term in the world of technology. Right form the retail market to museums, beacons are used at every place to give best customer experience. There are many other domains that have started using this technology to give more flexibility to the customers and also know about their behaviour.

Event managers can get their own device through beacon BLE app development to interact with more people and make the event successful. The idea when implemented by a event organizing firm was out of the imagination for the other domains that were already using beacons. Event marketers can give the best output to the audience. Here’s how they do it:

Check-in process through QR codes:

The managers can now speed up the check-in process just by installing beacons at the entrance. The total process of registering for the event depends up on the QR codes. These codes will directly be sent to the audience to register themselves for the event. The code generated by the beacons will be send to  attendees’ apps to complete the check-in process. By this, the event managers can boost the speed of registration process.

Shortlists and awards of the event:

After the check-in process, the audience can check the shortlists and the awards at their fingertips. They need not wait for the hosts to announce the nominees for the respective awards. This makes it pretty easy for every single person in the event  to see some of the celebrities in the event on their fingertips. This is all possible through a perfect beacon app development.

Seamless social networking:

The event managers can now send LinkedIn requests to the audience and directly send them notifications. Moreover, they can also tag the members to send photos and videos of the event. By doing so, the audience can share the same on their social media profiles. Indirectly, the event managers will be benefited through social media marketing done by others. The opportunities to promote the event on social media are seamless.

Besides all these, the marketers can also deliver digital content to the attendees. Navigation is also one of the important feature when using beacons. If you are a event organizer or from some other domain, Lets Nurture Beacon can give you seamless options to boost your business sales to new zeniths!

Beacons Increase the Mobile footprint of your Business and leverage Smart Shopping Strips!

This is an inspiration from movies such as Confessions of Shopaholic or Devil Wears Prada! But even those Hollywood flicks featuring shopping freaks do not even portray the tantalizing urge to shop what Waitrose in Wales and McDonalds in Germany are leaning their customers into. Beacons“ the Next-Gen of wireless network with unlimited use-cases are the bases for.

beacon in shopping
beacon in shopping

Imagine yourself on a weekend eve at Times Square or at Leicester Square. While you walk along with you Beacon enabled Smart Phone, you get a notification for Beer with Hamburger having discount offer from the shops (Yes I meant shops) you walking by. Furthermore steps and you get push notification for a special offer from the pub for upcoming Saturday night. Hence, the stores are interacting with you as you go along! You can choose for yourself what you seek! And all of that without requiring 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS or any high bandwidth network!

Let’s understand how it is done:

Whether you are a single retail shop, shopping mall, nationwide (or global) franchise network or a busy shopping strip, you can equip your store with Beacons to interact with your customers while they are in the range of Beacon. Moreover, through pre-set push notifications, you can send offers and information as per the marketing strategy you wish to deploy. And inside the shopping strip, you can collaborate with other stores to provide effective combos to increase sales mutually.

The Quasi-Effect:

If we peep in our heads into the future, the user would walk through the shopping malls or the strips expecting who is providing offers. Moreover, they won’t be looking at the static banner outside your store. With the maximum range of 70 meters, your customer would just stroll passed your store, if their Smart Phone does not flash an offer. So you can choose for yourself whether having an informational website and a social media page is enough to stay in the competition or it demands more with changing technology?

The Opportunist:

The rise of internet and smart phones has adversely affected the offline businesses. And this is an answer to the requirement to leverage the enhancements of technology to woo your customer. Larger businesses with their Mobile Apps are integrating beacon technology and running nationwide sales campaign through push notifications. Beacon technology provides you the benefits to seize the opportunity.

The Architect:

Now we understand you must have zillions of questions. And you want to get an idea for the cost, feasibility, and more. We at LetsNurture are pro at integration of Beacon technology to your Mobile Apps and Websites. We offer customized business solutions to provide the mobile footprint to your businesses. So, get in touch with one of our Analysts with your requirements and we will provide you an estimation in detail. Send us an email to

Apple iBeacon Implementation of BLE to Lay Carpet to the Real World iOS Apps

In June 2013 WWDC, only a single slide included for the launch of iBeacon. A unique and a master stroke of art by Apple. Hardly been noticed in the midst of glamorous iOS7. But it fetched distinct attention of the hardware professionals to extend digital merchandising & loyalty programs through Apps.

iBeacon Implementation

Estimate who was working on the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) products prior to this and had hardly any attention  suddenly came into the limelight. At present, Estimate Beacon (compatible with iBeacon-enabled iPhone) with Proximity, Accelerometer and Temperature sensors is rapidly capturing the market in USA & Europe.

So, what is Apple iBeacon?

In the most simplified manner  it is a tool that brings real world context to the Mobile Apps. The iBeacon is the implementation of BLE Profile to map accurate micro-location triggers for various use cases in iOS7 Apps.

How it works?

The feature of iBeacon transforms the mobile into both a sensor & a signal. Therefore, a BLE enabled iPhone / iPad can receive location-specific messages. It depends on its proximity to the available local network of Beacons. Simultaneously, the will be transmitting the messages to others.

For example, in a shopping mall equipped with Beacons will receive the signals from an iPhone. This also transmits the advertising messages to the iPhone as per the user’s location. And again, using the proximity features, when the user approaches the payment desk, the user is automatically redirect to the payment page to compete the check-out (PassKit implementation).

ibeacon technology
The functionality of the iBeacon is beyond mapping the locations alone. The Estimate Beacon has 32-Bit ARM Cortex M0 CPU, Accelerometer Sensor and Temperature Sensor. Therefore, the speed & the temperature of the nearby objects with Beacons can be tracked. Beacon is low power Bluetooth signal to the Smart Phones in the range of 250-Feet therefore it is an ideal alternate to GPS & Wi-Fi.


Earlier with only Apple iPhones alone having the Beacon technology left an open end from the Merchants view. However, with brands like Estimate coming up with applied forms of Beacons to be placed at Merchant locations, there is a humongous market to provide iOS Apps supporting Accelerometer, Temperature & Proximity sensors and the Beacon technology.

A Mobile App in a parking lot can be helpful to manage the speed of the vehicles. Same App in the user’s device will assist user to find a vacant space. For the retail sector, the beacon technology creates a huge scope by letting the merchant. They can autonomously communicate with their customer at POS (Point of Sale).

ibeacon in shopping mall

To leverage Apple’s iBeacon and Estimate Beacon, the App development companies have to step up and utilize their imaginations to next level. And the Merchants buying Estimate Beacons and placing them across their merchandise require a robust Mobile App to extract the most using the technology available.

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Beacon Manufacturers That Have Taken Technologies To New Zeniths!

Beacon is a technology based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), which transmits 2.4GHz Bluetooth signal helping to recognize the nearby smartphone or location. To track the location, an app is available for all the Smartphone users such as iPhone, android, windows and many more.

beacon technology

Beacon is manufactured by few of the top-notch companies to enhance the technologies for a brighter future. Let us see some of the companies manufacturing Beacon effectively.


It’s one of the largest beacon manufacturers in the world. With some unique concepts such as using beacon in shopping malls, theaters, public places and so on, it is trusted by most of the business owners. A beacon consists of a chip covered by silicone stylish case that is easy to stick anywhere. Its battery life can be up to 2 years depending up on the configuration.


Yet another manufacturer has carved a niche by producing beacon app for smartphones as well as for outdoors. Transmitting through Bluetooth, beacon sensor alerts, whenever the location is not too far. Range of their beacon is 50 meters and the battery life is of more than 2 months. They are still working on many factors to improve the beacon.


Beacon developed by Kontact are used by many companies pertaining to its dynamic technology. They offer the beacon in a desired colour. There are a few front runners in the market using their technologies. They also work on CSS framework. Additionally, they accept the user’s demand and manufacture the products according to their requirement.


Glimworm beacons are the safest with 6 digit password protection and waterproof covers. When the beacon activates, there is a light in the beacon that glows. This makes it easy for you to understand whether it is functioning or not. In addition to this, they also provide a logo option to print on beacon with desired colour.


They come up with bulk beacons including the kits. Well, this is best suited for the trading companies. Beacons can be placed anywhere, such as behind the painting, appliance or anything that gives you the complete information about the product.

There are many other companies that provides beacon technologies all over the world.  LetsNurture is one of the firm in Ahmedabad, that works on beacon technology. The team of developers at LetsNurture, has developed and added many applications for beacon that can be of assistance in several ways.

All we can say is ‘Technology is Now Beyond Expectations.’ Watch out this space for more!

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iBeacon Technology Gets Holier with Prophets Bringing Rubens to Life!

The prophets belonging to the digital communication recently designed an iBeacon prototype at the Antwerp museum known as ‘The Rubens House’. Through the iBeacon, prophets studied how the visitors could converse with the works of Peter Paul Rubens, an old master. This mind-blowing concept has breathed life into the classical artifacts!

The history and making

As soon as apple unveiled the iBeacon technology in the end of 2013 with iphones and ipad; the prophets recognized the potential of this technology.  Right from the beginning, the prophets had created a digital strategy for Antwerp museums by giving a lot of importance to the technologies being used in the mobile devices. The authorities at the Rubens House were quite keen to strike a partnership with ibeacon. So they conducted a study on how to make the works of the painter Peter Paul Robins come alive.

The working

With the help of iBeacon technology, one could make out the position of the visitors exploring the museum. Since beacons are wireless, they were installed without the structural hindrances in the historical museum.

iBeacon Technology with Prophets

As soon as the visitors download the app at the ticket counter and enter the courtyard with their smart device, beacon sends a message through the app and they can explore the history of the porchway through an augmented reality.

Interact and react

Once the visitors enter the room, they get alerts to interact with the artworks. When they start looking for particular works of art and reach the desired painting, iBeacon sends a confirmation through a push notification that they are standing in front of the apt painting. Thereafter, one can zoom the artworks on one’s smart device and look at the X-rays of painting. It gets more interactive when they are asked to solve few quiz questions.

Other features :-

Have a look at some of the other fascinating features:

1. The inner courtyard introduces you to the history of porchway. One can start exploring right from the painted image of 16th century to the photograph from the beginning of 19th century.

2. There are several paintings that display the portraits of Rubens’ wives and children. As a part of one of the quizzes, you are asked to place the right family member in the right place on the family tree.

3. The iBeacons of the museum merge to form a GPS system which can guide the visitors to follow a thematic route through the Rubens House.

iBeacon technology

The prophets of The Rubens House are about to upgrade the museum by using a digital and interactive layer by giving an unbelievable experience to the users! Watch out this space for more…

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Top 5 Places for iBeacon Applications

This month, Apple switched to iBeacons in all of the 254 U.S retail stores. The iBeacon supports uses BLE to give information to the iOS device of a user when they come within a range of iBeacon device. The technology experts say that apart from the stores, iBeacons can also be used at other places.

Some of the top locations where iBeacon applications can be used are:

1. Hospitals

iBeacons can be used in hospitals effectively. Users can use their maps and navigation with help of iBeacons for getting emergency help. They can simply be put in every hospital unit with a map that can assist the users to navigate through. It can also be applicable as a guide for each floors of the hospital near the entrances and elevators.

The unit in a hospital can also send out necessary information and guidance to the patients before they visit an ICU, about the waiting time and online registration forms in emergency rooms.

2. Conference Rooms

Nowadays, conferences supports maps etc with information about events and schedules and also a mobile app. iBeacon support makes things easy and give additional information. The users can get alerts about necessary data with regards to each event, meeting,etc at the conference.

3. Restaurants

When iBeacons are applicable in restaurants and cafeterias, the customers can get much data on the type of food items and their calories, the local source of the products, suggested food and drinks etc. The users can also get additional information about history of the place and other options of food.

4. Exhibitions and Museums

iBeacons can be put to use in museums and exhibitions, zoos etc to provide basic information to visitors about what they are viewing giving them a sort of a guided tour as they pass by. The users can use this information to take a interest at a specific display or simply walk on.

5. Assisting the Visually Impaired

With support from the current Apple technologies that help the visually impaired people in everyday life like dictation technology and text-to-speech ability via Siri, iBeacons can do wonders. They can further exploit the technology to provide ad hoc subject matter about a venue that might come of use to these special people.

The use of iBeacons can be further expanded across other domains if need be.

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iBeacon vs NFC5-Major Differences

It will not be long before Apple’s iBeacon will take over the world with its smart technology and easy payment systems. iBeacon is giving NFC5 major competition in terms of preferred use and technology.


NFC or rather Near field communication is a short range wireless technology that requires a distance of 4 cm or less to establish a connection. The users can share short data between a NFC tag and between android devices. The passive NFC devices have tags and other transmitters that send information to other similar devices without the support of a power source. While, the active devices can send and receive data and communicate well with each other along with passive devices.

Android Beams use NFC to alter bluetooth on both devices and pairs them. It can disable the bluetooth automatically on both the devices once the work has been completed. This has been used well in Samsung Galaxy device.

What are iBeacons?

Beacons is a fresh core location API in Ios7. It allows any ios devices with Bluetooth 4.0 (or BLE- Bluetooth low energy) to know where it is in relation to other such similar devices. The devices can connect with each other via iBeacons, knowing the actual location without the need of Wi-Fi or GPS technology.

Apple has come up with a smart technology for users that makes their shopping experience better. The iBeacons permits users to know about a nearby store and be guided into the store’s layout, have product information and pay it automatically through their device without standing in a queue.

Major differences between NFC and iBeacons

It would be interesting to see some major differences between iBeacon and NFC.


OS Support Android, Windows Phone and iOs Android and Windows Phone Technology Bluetooth Low Energy Near Field Communication
Scan Distance Up to 50 m Up to 10 Cm
Manufacturer Support 10 out of 10 9 out of 10
Average Cost Estimated $ 25-50 Less than $ 1

We have seen here that iBeacon uses operating system support for Android, Windows phone and iOs, while NFC has operating system support for only Android and windows phone. While the former uses BLE technology, NFC uses near field communication.

How can iBeacons be compared to NFC in terms of distance and average costs

What is interesting is that iBeacon scans distance up to 50 m while NFC scans distance of up to 10 cm-a major difference. Besides, iBeacons currently supports all top 10 mobile manufactures while in comparison, NFC supports 9/10 mobile manufactures. NFC goes ahead of iBeacons in terms of average cost. The average cost of a NFC is less than $1 while for iBeacons, the cost goes between $ 25 to 50.

Use of iBeacons and NFC across other Platforms

iBeacons is preferable as they are an open API and have the feature of touch to configure for the Apple TV. They also support the Xbox that enable people to configure their game boxes from their iPhone. Moreover, iBeacons can be used to lock or unlock BLE compatible cars or home doors when they come within the range.

While NFC on the other hand still needs to update this kind of collective features. With BLE chips found easily in tablets, laptops and smart phones, iBeacons can utilize this to provide a secure and fast mobile payment system for the users.

However, NFC seems to be ahead in reach of mobile payments. It is integrats with major payment terminals at leading retailer joints due to contactless bank cards like VISA. The NFC payments has a support of all major mobile manufacturers except apple as well as the payment industry.

Beacons make shopping experience simple and easy

Beacon has a range of 50 meters. This helps to get that information about special offers from a shop. This in turn proves to be helpful to send a personalized message from a location and past records. It can direct a user to a particular product and make shopping very easy and fast.

In comparison, NFC has only range of 4 cm. This helps to anyone to get extra information on a specific product.

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iBeacon in Banks can save your Precious time!

Working on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), iBeacons can combine mobile and physical channels that will enable banks to send notifications directly to the customer’s smartphone. The notifications can be regarding promotions, offers or coupons and will be received by the customer when he/ she has downloaded the bank’s mobile application and walks into the bank.

The technology aims to provide a continuous flow of relevant information. This help users depending on their precise location in the bank, near the bank or at an ATM. Technologies such as QR codes and NFC can take up some or lot of your time and can also be less accurate. So, iBeacon technology hits bull’s eye. A similar optional service was announced this February by the Australian bank, Westpac. iPhone and Android users should be able to receive various notifications on their devices.

At an estimate, humans have over 200 million phones! However, with credit unions and banks already trying hard to improve branch banking economics. Moreover, the integration of iBeacon in bank processes could deliver personal services for every individual entering the bank.

How iBeacon Technology proves helpful for Banks?

Some potential things that can make going to banks a lot easier with iBeacon technology are:

  • A welcome notification and a list of services the bank offers, along with directions or a map
  • As soon as a customer enters, bank staff can receive alerts regarding the customer’s account and transaction history
  • Customers can be provided a waiting time for services they wish to avail
  • Customers can receive personal messages depending upon their account activity or location within the bank. Take an instance, receiving messages on transferring funds easily when they are standing near the cash deposit counter

iBeacon technology is definitely here to stay. Only time will tell what other advancements we make in the fields of science and technology! For such application development contact us.