Look Before You Leap by Getting Road Warning Signs on Your Smartphones through Beacon Technology!

Not following the warning signs at public places can create problems for you. There are times when you cannot see those warning signs. It might be due to low visibility, damaged warning boards, misplacing the boards etc. With the enhancement of Bluetooth technology that are used in Beacons, it is now possible to get location based warning on your smartphones for the respective warning boards. The warning boards might be on the roads, water parks,  zoos etc that give several warnings with respect to the situations. Now let us see how the beacon technology can help you:

Warnings in the language you know:

If you are a traveller and don’t know the local language, you need not worry because the warning information will be given in multiple languages. This feature will help a lot for the people who are new to the place and don’t have much idea about some languages. You can also access the beacon app in multiple languages according to your convenience.

Message alerts on weather conditions:

There are times when the weather conditions are not constant and often change. Besides giving information about warning boards, the beacon also alerts you about the change in extreme conditions. This is all possible with some amazing beacon BLE app development by the developers all over the world.

Navigating you to reach a safe place:

In such extreme conditions, you are guided by the map to reach a safe place. The danger spots shown in the map should be avoided. If you don’t have the beacon app in your smartphone at that point of time, you might face severe problem. If there are any kind of problems you can inform the authorities who will be available to help you. So, you can just imagine the importance of the beacon technology in this fast-growing world.


These are just some of the advantages that you can get with the beacon technology. However, there is lot to explore in this domain. If you have any ideas related to beacon app development or want an app for your business, we have customized beacons for you. Get a quote to install them at your business centres.