Top 5 Places for iBeacon Applications

This month, Apple switched to iBeacons in all of the 254 U.S retail stores. The iBeacon supports uses BLE to give information to the iOS device of a user when they come within a range of iBeacon device. The technology experts say that apart from the stores, iBeacons can also be used at other places.

Some of the top locations where iBeacon applications can be used are:

1. Hospitals

iBeacons can be used in hospitals effectively. Users can use their maps and navigation with help of iBeacons for getting emergency help. They can simply be put in every hospital unit with a map that can assist the users to navigate through. It can also be applicable as a guide for each floors of the hospital near the entrances and elevators.

The unit in a hospital can also send out necessary information and guidance to the patients before they visit an ICU, about the waiting time and online registration forms in emergency rooms.

2. Conference Rooms

Nowadays, conferences supports maps etc with information about events and schedules and also a mobile app. iBeacon support makes things easy and give additional information. The users can get alerts about necessary data with regards to each event, meeting,etc at the conference.

3. Restaurants

When iBeacons are applicable in restaurants and cafeterias, the customers can get much data on the type of food items and their calories, the local source of the products, suggested food and drinks etc. The users can also get additional information about history of the place and other options of food.

4. Exhibitions and Museums

iBeacons can be put to use in museums and exhibitions, zoos etc to provide basic information to visitors about what they are viewing giving them a sort of a guided tour as they pass by. The users can use this information to take a interest at a specific display or simply walk on.

5. Assisting the Visually Impaired

With support from the current Apple technologies that help the visually impaired people in everyday life like dictation technology and text-to-speech ability via Siri, iBeacons can do wonders. They can further exploit the technology to provide ad hoc subject matter about a venue that might come of use to these special people.

The use of iBeacons can be further expanded across other domains if need be.

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