Apple iBeacon Implementation of BLE to Lay Carpet to the Real World iOS Apps

In June 2013 WWDC, only a single slide included for the launch of iBeacon. A unique and a master stroke of art by Apple. Hardly been noticed in the midst of glamorous iOS7. But it fetched distinct attention of the hardware professionals to extend digital merchandising & loyalty programs through Apps.

iBeacon Implementation

Estimate who was working on the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) products prior to this and had hardly any attention  suddenly came into the limelight. At present, Estimate Beacon (compatible with iBeacon-enabled iPhone) with Proximity, Accelerometer and Temperature sensors is rapidly capturing the market in USA & Europe.

So, what is Apple iBeacon?

In the most simplified manner  it is a tool that brings real world context to the Mobile Apps. The iBeacon is the implementation of BLE Profile to map accurate micro-location triggers for various use cases in iOS7 Apps.

How it works?

The feature of iBeacon transforms the mobile into both a sensor & a signal. Therefore, a BLE enabled iPhone / iPad can receive location-specific messages. It depends on its proximity to the available local network of Beacons. Simultaneously, the will be transmitting the messages to others.

For example, in a shopping mall equipped with Beacons will receive the signals from an iPhone. This also transmits the advertising messages to the iPhone as per the user’s location. And again, using the proximity features, when the user approaches the payment desk, the user is automatically redirect to the payment page to compete the check-out (PassKit implementation).

ibeacon technology
The functionality of the iBeacon is beyond mapping the locations alone. The Estimate Beacon has 32-Bit ARM Cortex M0 CPU, Accelerometer Sensor and Temperature Sensor. Therefore, the speed & the temperature of the nearby objects with Beacons can be tracked. Beacon is low power Bluetooth signal to the Smart Phones in the range of 250-Feet therefore it is an ideal alternate to GPS & Wi-Fi.


Earlier with only Apple iPhones alone having the Beacon technology left an open end from the Merchants view. However, with brands like Estimate coming up with applied forms of Beacons to be placed at Merchant locations, there is a humongous market to provide iOS Apps supporting Accelerometer, Temperature & Proximity sensors and the Beacon technology.

A Mobile App in a parking lot can be helpful to manage the speed of the vehicles. Same App in the user’s device will assist user to find a vacant space. For the retail sector, the beacon technology creates a huge scope by letting the merchant. They can autonomously communicate with their customer at POS (Point of Sale).

ibeacon in shopping mall

To leverage Apple’s iBeacon and Estimate Beacon, the App development companies have to step up and utilize their imaginations to next level. And the Merchants buying Estimate Beacons and placing them across their merchandise require a robust Mobile App to extract the most using the technology available.

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