Beacon Enabled “XXXX GOLD” Cap set to make Ashes Super Special

Australia’s beer company – XXXX GOLD will be offering fans something extra special during the Magellan Ashes Series. To reward fans for coming together right across Australia with the release of The Goldie – a tech enabled cricket cap using a beacon, as the weather warms during this summer.

Each Goldie cap is equipped with a tiny beacon designed to bring people together using an iBeacon, which can detect other Goldies close by, through mobile app. Each time fans connect with two or more mates wearing their Goldies, they each have the chance to win a share of 6000 cricket-related prizes valued at $350,000. The more times fans catch up wearing their Goldies and show their support for the Aussie cricket team, the more chances they have to win.

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Columbus State University Activates New iBeacon Technology to Aid Student Safety Efforts

Beacon app development is a proven mettle for state-of-the-art technologies within the limited period of time. Let’s see how Beacon based solutions are the pertinent source for enhancing the the field of Education.

Columbus State University has teamed up with Piper Networks to create a campus safety tool for students. The partners have deployed a network of wireless Bluetooth beacons across campus that can help students feel safer and more connected.

By utilizing iBeacon app development, the university made the University Police accessible to the CSU students. If the students should have a safety concern or want to report suspicious behavior, this app allows anyone to call campus police directly or text the police with their accurate location data based on the nearest iBeacon’s unique number.

Beacon app development for the ‘Safe Campus’ Program

“The Safe Campus program provides an easy way for officials to accurately and rapidly assist the students, even if they are not sure of their exact location,” said Mark Lott, interim chief of University Police. “This technology is another layer that we can add onto the many things we undertake on a daily basis to help our students and employees feel safe.”

Columbus recently became the world’s most fully deployed iBeacon city with over 1,250 beacons and 85+ businesses and organizations using the beacon app to share messages that include simple text notifications, Piper-only specials, photos, videos, links to websites or social media, and even Apple Passes.

Interim chief of University Police, Mark Lott, says, “The Safe Campus program provides an easy way for officials to accurately and quickly dispatch assistance to the student, even if the student is not sure of their exact location.”

Mark Lott says, “This technology is another layer that we can add onto the many things we undertake on a daily basis to help our students and employees feel safe.”

Campus safety and support with beacon app development

Apart from the safety measures, there are other benefits of beacon app development that enhances the Campus operations.

  1. Enhancing the campus navigation
  2. Automatic check-in for class attendance
  3. Professors can create polls and share information easily for specific students
  4. Students can share the assignments with students in the close proximity

Read more benefits of beacon app development in the education industry

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Beacons Based Mobile App for a cause

Beacons and BLE device nowadays have become a centre of attraction for every small businesses. The topic itself says that beacons used here is for some cause, thinking what the cause is all about? Let me take you through this cause which will just mesmerise your thoughts and leave you in deep thoughts.

  1. Poverty in India is the biggest issues. In 2015 around 12.4% people lived in poverty, a reduction from 29.8% in 2009 along with clocking the growth of 7.6% in 2015.
  2. About 16.4 % of the European population is poor, representing 22.8% of normal GDP
  3. As of 2016 year, 14.5% of people in USA are living below poverty line.
  4. The poverty line has declined to more than a half from 1.9 million in 1990 to 836 million in 2015, over the past 2 decades in Arab countries. Despite of such progress the country is making, according to UNDP between 2010 and 2012 the percentage of the population in the region making less than $1.25 a day increased from 4.1 percent to 7.4 percent.
  5. So nearly 1/2 of the world’s population, more than 3 billion people —live on less than $2.50 a day.

The cause is Poverty, a major concern of every country, state and city. Poverty,  where one is unable to suffice the basic needs from shelter to food for himself. Being homeless isn’t just easy. Being hungry is also not easy, it’s like sleep hungry and waking up hungry.

Everybody wants to help but how? Technology can help!

Everybody wants to help poor and cut out the poverty from the society but no one wants to be the first person to step out and lend the hand to poor. Isn’t it surprising that people say “Be the change you want to see”  but no one wants to be that change first. Here is the solution for that, Beacons.

How can beacon based solution can help to eradicate poverty?

The basic concept of this beacon based application is to help the poor to get his/her daily needs or the wishlist to be fulfilled. A beacon, of less range say detecting 10 meters range is given to every destitute person ( as a keychain or tag). To enroll into this service, the person has to be associated with NGO or case worker to complete the survey, for the people to reach them.

The app user can view the profile of the person along with the picture and the wish list before donating. This will happen once the poor person comes in the vicinity of the app user and the user gets the notification for it. The app user can either donate an amount towards an item in the wish list or can either donate the item itself.

Once the product is been fully funded or donated at the center, the needy person picks up the item from the respective case worker and hopefully get some additional support if needed. The app not only satisfies the short term goal of an individual but also focuses on creating more secure footing to achieve long term goals.

Now lets use our smart phones for this cause to tackle and eliminate poverty from our society.

“Are you an NGO or a Social Entrepreneur ? Do you want to know how technology can help to find a right solution for right cause? Letsnurture always looks forward and is ready to help in this case. “

A Beacon Installed in a Fridge Can Control Your Calories and Overeating!

We have seen a lot from beacon technology till date. They have been used in the retail shops, zoos, airports, concerts etc. But the recent release of a beacon app has changed the vision of using it. The Carrot Hunger beacon app released last week works on beacon technology. To make this app working, you need to synchronize the beacon with proximity UDID (Unique Device Identifier).

Beacon Installed in Fridge

What if the beacon is installed in a fridge? It can give you some awesome information you have never thought before. When a food item is scanned with the bar code, the beacon app installed on your phone can tell you how many calories of food you are storing in the food. This is possible with the synchronization of the beacon and its app. The calories scanned by the app will be directly noted in the beacon. What next?

Beacon Alarms You on Overeating

Beacon Alarms You on Overeating

Whenever you take some food from fridge, the beacon notices it and sends notifications to the app. The app will count the intake of calories by you and notify you whenever you overeat. Even if the food item is not placed in your fridge, the app counts the calories whenever you take the food. This is a perfect example of how one should explore the beacon technology in today’s modern world.

Raising an Alarm

The app punishes you if at all you overeat despite of reminders. The app will display the full screen ads or ask for app payment or broadcast some irrelevant messages on your social media profiles if you overeat. It will create some good problems for you. Do you like such problems? After all it’s an app that is taking care of your health, but we have more knowledge than app what to eat and what no to eat. So follow the app instructions when it alarms you rather than ignoring it.

A Perfect App to Control Calories

It doesn’t matter what kind of food you are taking but every food item has calories in it. Fitness tracker apps just show the amount of calories you burn but if you want to know the intake of calories, such beacon apps are very useful. Overall it’s a perfect app to install and install the beacon in your fridge to know more what you eat all the day. It is not only the fridge where you can install the beacon, you can use it in the kitchen too.

The development of beacon apps in the recent days has been rapidly increasing. Initially, the beacons were limited to retail market and public places. But through this app, you will be able to see the beacon technology with a different vision. The only defect in this calorie app is it doesn’t come with iBeacon, but you have to buy your own beacon device and set the proximity UDID to synchronize the app and beacon. If you are looking for such beacon, you can connect with us on

Travel Companies to Enhance the Customers’ Travel Experience through Beacons!

Enhancement in mobile technology has forced the marketing companies to change their strategies to attract more customers. These days, several people use mobile for online shopping, booking for movie tickets, air tickets etc. Moreover, beacon technology has made its mark in the retail market and now it is used at airports, cafes, restaurants etc. In addition to this, the travel companies all over the world have started using beacons to enhance the customers’ travel experience.

Beacon app – A perfect guide:

With the improvisation in the technology, beacon apps are considered as a perfect guide to navigate the customers to their desired place. Zoo leverages beacons to find different spots all over the place to find a specific animal. Similarly, airports uses beacons to navigate passengers.

Now let us see how travel firms use the beacon technology:

Sending offers bang on time:

As a travel firm owner, if you are not able to deliver messages bang on time, it’s useless. In this competitive world, it is very important to send the messages so that passengers can get the best out of it. With the apps developed through beacon BLE app development, it is now possible for the firms to send the offers at the right time.

Up gradation offers:

Beacons are very smart. As soon as the passenger passes the security check, they receive the up gradation offers on their beacon app. Offers such as seat upgrades from economy to business class with flat discounts can help the passengers to upgrade the class.

Navigation at its best:

You might have heard about the navigation process for the passenger that enters the airport. But what about the passengers that depart form the terminals? Beacon apps navigate the passengers to the place where they can avail a taxi. Navigating the passengers on arrival and departure especially is the best feature of beacon technology.

Besides this, there is equal importance for the travel booking app development and the beacon integration in it. Looking forward to get a travel or beacon app for your firm? Get a quote today.

Tour Guides to Transform the Visitor Experience by Using Beacons!

Beacons have transformed the user experiences up to great extent. Many retail markets, malls, airports, parks, transport systems, gas stations etc have been using this technology to give more benefits to the customers. Equally, the response from the customers is also interesting to see as they are too enjoying the notifications and messages of the current offers at their fingertips. In the similar way, now the tourists can get handy information from the tour guide. Let’s now see how the tour guides can transform the visitor experience:

Visitors can find tour guides easily:

With the Beacon technology, now the visitors can find their tour guide by navigation system. For instance, if you are in a fort viewing different sculptures and architectural designs of the ancient times. And imagine you lost your way, you can find your tour guide by navigating the location. Isn’t it great to find the tour guides at your fingertips instead of searching all around the fort?

Get information about every place:

It is now possible to get every information about the sculptures and different monuments in the fort on your smartphones.  Moreover, when the tour guide explains about the importance of the place, you can simultaneously view the information live on your smartphone. Equally, this makes it pretty easy for you to understand the importance of the monument and the architecture.

Connect with different tour guides:

By using the beacons at the tourist centers, you can connect with the different tour guides if they are in the range of beacons. There is a possibility that the visitors can rate the tour guides making it easy for other tourists to select the best. However, this feature is not implemented at present, but it can be done through excellent Beacon BLE app development.

If you are looking forward to implement such ideas to transform the visitor experience, contact us today.

Event Marketers Can Now Interact with More People through Beacons!

Beacon is no more an unknown term in the world of technology. Right form the retail market to museums, beacons are used at every place to give best customer experience. There are many other domains that have started using this technology to give more flexibility to the customers and also know about their behaviour.

Event managers can get their own device through beacon BLE app development to interact with more people and make the event successful. The idea when implemented by a event organizing firm was out of the imagination for the other domains that were already using beacons. Event marketers can give the best output to the audience. Here’s how they do it:

Check-in process through QR codes:

The managers can now speed up the check-in process just by installing beacons at the entrance. The total process of registering for the event depends up on the QR codes. These codes will directly be sent to the audience to register themselves for the event. The code generated by the beacons will be send to  attendees’ apps to complete the check-in process. By this, the event managers can boost the speed of registration process.

Shortlists and awards of the event:

After the check-in process, the audience can check the shortlists and the awards at their fingertips. They need not wait for the hosts to announce the nominees for the respective awards. This makes it pretty easy for every single person in the event  to see some of the celebrities in the event on their fingertips. This is all possible through a perfect beacon app development.

Seamless social networking:

The event managers can now send LinkedIn requests to the audience and directly send them notifications. Moreover, they can also tag the members to send photos and videos of the event. By doing so, the audience can share the same on their social media profiles. Indirectly, the event managers will be benefited through social media marketing done by others. The opportunities to promote the event on social media are seamless.

Besides all these, the marketers can also deliver digital content to the attendees. Navigation is also one of the important feature when using beacons. If you are a event organizer or from some other domain, Lets Nurture Beacon can give you seamless options to boost your business sales to new zeniths!

Look Before You Leap by Getting Road Warning Signs on Your Smartphones through Beacon Technology!

Not following the warning signs at public places can create problems for you. There are times when you cannot see those warning signs. It might be due to low visibility, damaged warning boards, misplacing the boards etc. With the enhancement of Bluetooth technology that are used in Beacons, it is now possible to get location based warning on your smartphones for the respective warning boards. The warning boards might be on the roads, water parks,  zoos etc that give several warnings with respect to the situations. Now let us see how the beacon technology can help you:

Warnings in the language you know:

If you are a traveller and don’t know the local language, you need not worry because the warning information will be given in multiple languages. This feature will help a lot for the people who are new to the place and don’t have much idea about some languages. You can also access the beacon app in multiple languages according to your convenience.

Message alerts on weather conditions:

There are times when the weather conditions are not constant and often change. Besides giving information about warning boards, the beacon also alerts you about the change in extreme conditions. This is all possible with some amazing beacon BLE app development by the developers all over the world.

Navigating you to reach a safe place:

In such extreme conditions, you are guided by the map to reach a safe place. The danger spots shown in the map should be avoided. If you don’t have the beacon app in your smartphone at that point of time, you might face severe problem. If there are any kind of problems you can inform the authorities who will be available to help you. So, you can just imagine the importance of the beacon technology in this fast-growing world.


These are just some of the advantages that you can get with the beacon technology. However, there is lot to explore in this domain. If you have any ideas related to beacon app development or want an app for your business, we have customized beacons for you. Get a quote to install them at your business centres.

The Range And Extensiveness of Beacons You Might Be Unaware of!

Beacons are like unsung heroes! People have no idea about the promising future it might provide with. It is a Bluetooth enabled device that works on low energy and transmits signals to the beacon app in your smartphone with useful information. Most of the retailers are testing the beacon technology in their stores to make the customers know about their products and discount offers. But do you know the range at which these beacons stop working or the point from where they start emitting signals? If not, read the below points to know more:

Range of Beacon:

Beacon starts transmitting Bluetooth signals from 2 centimeters and the maximum limit is 70 metres. The zones are classified according to the distance, they are 5 metres named as immediate, 20 metres as near, 30 meters is considered to be far. However, the maximum range is 70 metres in some cases, it might be in reach every time.

Beacon CMS to determine distance:

Campaign Management System (CMS) is capable of triggering the distance of the customers’ smartphones. With this, the retailers can trigger the message to any customer within the zone.  Campaign Management System helps to tailor Messaging with respect to the incoming of the customers in the stores.

Designed for indoors & outdoors:

Whether you use the beacons indoors or outdoors, the extent of the beacon will remain the same. The expanse doesn’t affect the signal transmission of the beacon to the smartphone. So it’s up to you that where and how you use this technology.

Beacon in shopping mall
This is all about the range of Beacon. Talking about its battery, it lasts for 2 years and you can also check the levels of the battery by Campaign Management System. Due to its longer battery life and limits, retail stores leverages its use.

Beacon App Crafters

When it comes to developing apps for beacons, there are many firms all around the world. But very few of them are reliable and Lets Nurture is one of them. It is an beacon app development company and looking forward to build beacon apps for retailers. If you are looking for any kind of information or want to develop beacon app for your retail store, do not hesitate to contact us at any point of time!