Travel Companies to Enhance the Customers’ Travel Experience through Beacons!

Enhancement in mobile technology has forced the marketing companies to change their strategies to attract more customers. These days, several people use mobile for online shopping, booking for movie tickets, air tickets etc. Moreover, beacon technology has made its mark in the retail market and now it is used at airports, cafes, restaurants etc. In addition to this, the travel companies all over the world have started using beacons to enhance the customers’ travel experience.

Beacon app – A perfect guide:

With the improvisation in the technology, beacon apps are considered as a perfect guide to navigate the customers to their desired place. Zoo leverages beacons to find different spots all over the place to find a specific animal. Similarly, airports uses beacons to navigate passengers.

Now let us see how travel firms use the beacon technology:

Sending offers bang on time:

As a travel firm owner, if you are not able to deliver messages bang on time, it’s useless. In this competitive world, it is very important to send the messages so that passengers can get the best out of it. With the apps developed through beacon BLE app development, it is now possible for the firms to send the offers at the right time.

Up gradation offers:

Beacons are very smart. As soon as the passenger passes the security check, they receive the up gradation offers on their beacon app. Offers such as seat upgrades from economy to business class with flat discounts can help the passengers to upgrade the class.

Navigation at its best:

You might have heard about the navigation process for the passenger that enters the airport. But what about the passengers that depart form the terminals? Beacon apps navigate the passengers to the place where they can avail a taxi. Navigating the passengers on arrival and departure especially is the best feature of beacon technology.

Besides this, there is equal importance for the travel booking app development and the beacon integration in it. Looking forward to get a travel or beacon app for your firm? Get a quote today.