Travel Companies to Enhance the Customers’ Travel Experience through Beacons!

Enhancement in mobile technology has forced the marketing companies to change their strategies to attract more customers. These days, several people use mobile for online shopping, booking for movie tickets, air tickets etc. Moreover, beacon technology has made its mark in the retail market and now it is used at airports, cafes, restaurants etc. In addition to this, the travel companies all over the world have started using beacons to enhance the customers’ travel experience.

Beacon app – A perfect guide:

With the improvisation in the technology, beacon apps are considered as a perfect guide to navigate the customers to their desired place. Zoo leverages beacons to find different spots all over the place to find a specific animal. Similarly, airports uses beacons to navigate passengers.

Now let us see how travel firms use the beacon technology:

Sending offers bang on time:

As a travel firm owner, if you are not able to deliver messages bang on time, it’s useless. In this competitive world, it is very important to send the messages so that passengers can get the best out of it. With the apps developed through beacon BLE app development, it is now possible for the firms to send the offers at the right time.

Up gradation offers:

Beacons are very smart. As soon as the passenger passes the security check, they receive the up gradation offers on their beacon app. Offers such as seat upgrades from economy to business class with flat discounts can help the passengers to upgrade the class.

Navigation at its best:

You might have heard about the navigation process for the passenger that enters the airport. But what about the passengers that depart form the terminals? Beacon apps navigate the passengers to the place where they can avail a taxi. Navigating the passengers on arrival and departure especially is the best feature of beacon technology.

Besides this, there is equal importance for the travel booking app development and the beacon integration in it. Looking forward to get a travel or beacon app for your firm? Get a quote today.

Beacon Manufacturers That Have Taken Technologies To New Zeniths!

Beacon is a technology based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), which transmits 2.4GHz Bluetooth signal helping to recognize the nearby smartphone or location. To track the location, an app is available for all the Smartphone users such as iPhone, android, windows and many more.

beacon technology

Beacon is manufactured by few of the top-notch companies to enhance the technologies for a brighter future. Let us see some of the companies manufacturing Beacon effectively.


It’s one of the largest beacon manufacturers in the world. With some unique concepts such as using beacon in shopping malls, theaters, public places and so on, it is trusted by most of the business owners. A beacon consists of a chip covered by silicone stylish case that is easy to stick anywhere. Its battery life can be up to 2 years depending up on the configuration.


Yet another manufacturer has carved a niche by producing beacon app for smartphones as well as for outdoors. Transmitting through Bluetooth, beacon sensor alerts, whenever the location is not too far. Range of their beacon is 50 meters and the battery life is of more than 2 months. They are still working on many factors to improve the beacon.


Beacon developed by Kontact are used by many companies pertaining to its dynamic technology. They offer the beacon in a desired colour. There are a few front runners in the market using their technologies. They also work on CSS framework. Additionally, they accept the user’s demand and manufacture the products according to their requirement.


Glimworm beacons are the safest with 6 digit password protection and waterproof covers. When the beacon activates, there is a light in the beacon that glows. This makes it easy for you to understand whether it is functioning or not. In addition to this, they also provide a logo option to print on beacon with desired colour.


They come up with bulk beacons including the kits. Well, this is best suited for the trading companies. Beacons can be placed anywhere, such as behind the painting, appliance or anything that gives you the complete information about the product.

There are many other companies that provides beacon technologies all over the world.  LetsNurture is one of the firm in Ahmedabad, that works on beacon technology. The team of developers at LetsNurture, has developed and added many applications for beacon that can be of assistance in several ways.

All we can say is ‘Technology is Now Beyond Expectations.’ Watch out this space for more!

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Shop Owners to Benefit Big-time by Adapting ibeacon Technology!

We exist in the world of $1.2 trillion e-commerce industry. Shopping malls, stores and shops are regularly visited by the shopaholics and they are always looking for an excuse to shop till they drop. The shop owners of today are constantly evolving are on the look out for interesting apps, interactive websites and state-of-the art technology.

iBeacon for shopping mall

The brand owners have welcomed the latest technology with open arms and it wouldn’t be surprising if you get to see smart stores in the shopping malls! They are on their journey to utilize Bluetooth Low Energy appliances, also known as ‘Beacons’ which are one of the biggest models of advancement in the retail domain. These devices are developed by various IT companies and are used to identify and track the smart phone users to perfect the retail operations.

When it comes to describing the potential of these smart devices, one can fall short of words. But one thing is for sure, they are benefiting the shop and mall owners in a huge way!

Offers conveyed

These days, it is quite common to see offers overflowing in the apps of the users when they visit the stores. Brands like American Eagle Outfitters, Staples and Nordstrom utilize the mobile devices to convey their offers and examine the shopping habits of the customers. Once the customers download the compatible app, they receive a geo-fence-enabled coupon, making them reach the section of their choice.

Making the most of mapping software from Shopkick and the iPhone 5s iBeacon, American Eagle Outfitters is about to employ this technology in more than 100 of its stores so that the offers can be conveyed rightly.

Employing beacons

To give a fascinating experience to the users and advantages to the shop owners, the IT developers are putting their whole and sole into the making powerful tools and technology. They are developing mirrors and kiosks that use Kinect-type motion sensing technology. This enables the users to stand near a smart mirror and try out different clothes and products. The digital changing-room apps and smart displays can study and analyze browsing patterns and shopping habits of the customers so that they can recommend and sell products easily. Smart, isn’t it?

Know the shopper’s psychology

The technology has nailed into the user’s psychology, actions and shopping habits. For an instance, Customer visits your grocery store and app is present in their mobile. App will store the customers’ transactional history. So whenever customer visits, you can provide them with a list of data on basis of previous data.

Pertaining to the shopping list the shoppers have, they are guided to different sections of the stores.

iBeacon for shopping mall

It is now possible for the mall and shop owners to customize the lists. It is made according to the customer type like party hosts, dieters, mothers, single men etc. The ‘Heads-Up’ display provided on Google Glass, provides with an physical arrows, takes the shopper around the mall.

Giving a realistic online shopping experience

The companion apps of the store can be merge with beacon tracking. So that retailers can use it to up-sell the products to customize the shopping experience of the visitors. Moreover, stores like Macy’s in the USA, the shoppers use the ‘Shopkick app’ with the new Shop Beacon service. However, customers navigate a store with their phone. And,the app provides them with various offers through the notifications to their location.

Different departments and store types can modify  these notifications according to their needs. The customer data is studied and A/B testing is done on the e-commerce website.

There are a plethora of technologies that analyze the facial expressions, moods, genders and temperaments. As everyone’s retina is unique, the technologies will able to replace UDIDs. It won’t be surprising for the brand owners to be using the beacon technology. Since, this offers a science fiction like experience to the customers. Once the retailers start utilizing the beacon technology, they will see the magic…

Using beacon application  navigation to each store locator to create similar application send your requirements.

iBeacon vs NFC5-Major Differences

It will not be long before Apple’s iBeacon will take over the world with its smart technology and easy payment systems. iBeacon is giving NFC5 major competition in terms of preferred use and technology.


NFC or rather Near field communication is a short range wireless technology that requires a distance of 4 cm or less to establish a connection. The users can share short data between a NFC tag and between android devices. The passive NFC devices have tags and other transmitters that send information to other similar devices without the support of a power source. While, the active devices can send and receive data and communicate well with each other along with passive devices.

Android Beams use NFC to alter bluetooth on both devices and pairs them. It can disable the bluetooth automatically on both the devices once the work has been completed. This has been used well in Samsung Galaxy device.

What are iBeacons?

Beacons is a fresh core location API in Ios7. It allows any ios devices with Bluetooth 4.0 (or BLE- Bluetooth low energy) to know where it is in relation to other such similar devices. The devices can connect with each other via iBeacons, knowing the actual location without the need of Wi-Fi or GPS technology.

Apple has come up with a smart technology for users that makes their shopping experience better. The iBeacons permits users to know about a nearby store and be guided into the store’s layout, have product information and pay it automatically through their device without standing in a queue.

Major differences between NFC and iBeacons

It would be interesting to see some major differences between iBeacon and NFC.


OS Support Android, Windows Phone and iOs Android and Windows Phone Technology Bluetooth Low Energy Near Field Communication
Scan Distance Up to 50 m Up to 10 Cm
Manufacturer Support 10 out of 10 9 out of 10
Average Cost Estimated $ 25-50 Less than $ 1

We have seen here that iBeacon uses operating system support for Android, Windows phone and iOs, while NFC has operating system support for only Android and windows phone. While the former uses BLE technology, NFC uses near field communication.

How can iBeacons be compared to NFC in terms of distance and average costs

What is interesting is that iBeacon scans distance up to 50 m while NFC scans distance of up to 10 cm-a major difference. Besides, iBeacons currently supports all top 10 mobile manufactures while in comparison, NFC supports 9/10 mobile manufactures. NFC goes ahead of iBeacons in terms of average cost. The average cost of a NFC is less than $1 while for iBeacons, the cost goes between $ 25 to 50.

Use of iBeacons and NFC across other Platforms

iBeacons is preferable as they are an open API and have the feature of touch to configure for the Apple TV. They also support the Xbox that enable people to configure their game boxes from their iPhone. Moreover, iBeacons can be used to lock or unlock BLE compatible cars or home doors when they come within the range.

While NFC on the other hand still needs to update this kind of collective features. With BLE chips found easily in tablets, laptops and smart phones, iBeacons can utilize this to provide a secure and fast mobile payment system for the users.

However, NFC seems to be ahead in reach of mobile payments. It is integrats with major payment terminals at leading retailer joints due to contactless bank cards like VISA. The NFC payments has a support of all major mobile manufacturers except apple as well as the payment industry.

Beacons make shopping experience simple and easy

Beacon has a range of 50 meters. This helps to get that information about special offers from a shop. This in turn proves to be helpful to send a personalized message from a location and past records. It can direct a user to a particular product and make shopping very easy and fast.

In comparison, NFC has only range of 4 cm. This helps to anyone to get extra information on a specific product.

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