Beacon based solutions entering the Education Campus

The technology in the digital world has boosted many sectors including retail and travel. Beacon based solutions are proven mettle for state-of-the-art technologies within the limited period of time. Let’s see how Beacons based solutions are the pertinent source for enhancing the life on education campuses.

Simplifies the Campus Navigation

Implementing BLE devices at different locations on campus can make campus tour interactive & way more easy for parents or visitor. Imagine if Parents or visitor is entering into campus, no one will have to keep asking for location or keep looking for sign boards to reach to the right location. Students can be guided to the right location for their classes & labs without sticking paper prints or wooden boards everywhere. Digitizing this entire campus using BLE based mobile application can reduce the huge amount of cost overhead on administration.

Campus Administration at another level.

Based on the location specific data campus can manage the staff & administration. As well as based on the BLE based information distribution campus can stay engaged with every individual on the campus at any time.

Simplifies Events Registration and handling Long Queues

Be it annual function, sports day, debates, farewells and much more, any educational institute has to face one thing in common – rush. To direct the traffic, to display the event specific information.

Leverages In-Class understanding

In-class experience plays the major role between the student and the professor. If it is optimally managed, then it is sure for seamless and successful campus management. IoT Solutions play crucial role through educational content on mobile apps, taking attendance through digital media, appropriate distribution of material by professors, interactive learning sessions, team building exercises, regular evaluation of students and instant intimation of results.

Security and Safety

Beacon based solutions prove to be helpful in tracing and tracking the location of the students, admins as well as professors. Moreover, at the time of emergency, it can help to fasten the process of evacuation, finding the best route possible to leave. Additionally, beacons take care of the location of different documents and artifacts, making the search easier for the specific documents.

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