Beacon Manufacturers That Have Taken Technologies To New Zeniths!

Beacon is a technology based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), which transmits 2.4GHz Bluetooth signal helping to recognize the nearby smartphone or location. To track the location, an app is available for all the Smartphone users such as iPhone, android, windows and many more.

beacon technology

Beacon is manufactured by few of the top-notch companies to enhance the technologies for a brighter future. Let us see some of the companies manufacturing Beacon effectively.


It’s one of the largest beacon manufacturers in the world. With some unique concepts such as using beacon in shopping malls, theaters, public places and so on, it is trusted by most of the business owners. A beacon consists of a chip covered by silicone stylish case that is easy to stick anywhere. Its battery life can be up to 2 years depending up on the configuration.


Yet another manufacturer has carved a niche by producing beacon app for smartphones as well as for outdoors. Transmitting through Bluetooth, beacon sensor alerts, whenever the location is not too far. Range of their beacon is 50 meters and the battery life is of more than 2 months. They are still working on many factors to improve the beacon.


Beacon developed by Kontact are used by many companies pertaining to its dynamic technology. They offer the beacon in a desired colour. There are a few front runners in the market using their technologies. They also work on CSS framework. Additionally, they accept the user’s demand and manufacture the products according to their requirement.


Glimworm beacons are the safest with 6 digit password protection and waterproof covers. When the beacon activates, there is a light in the beacon that glows. This makes it easy for you to understand whether it is functioning or not. In addition to this, they also provide a logo option to print on beacon with desired colour.


They come up with bulk beacons including the kits. Well, this is best suited for the trading companies. Beacons can be placed anywhere, such as behind the painting, appliance or anything that gives you the complete information about the product.

There are many other companies that provides beacon technologies all over the world.  LetsNurture is one of the firm in Ahmedabad, that works on beacon technology. The team of developers at LetsNurture, has developed and added many applications for beacon that can be of assistance in several ways.

All we can say is ‘Technology is Now Beyond Expectations.’ Watch out this space for more!

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