A Beacon Installed in a Fridge Can Control Your Calories and Overeating!

We have seen a lot from beacon technology till date. They have been used in the retail shops, zoos, airports, concerts etc. But the recent release of a beacon app has changed the vision of using it. The Carrot Hunger beacon app released last week works on beacon technology. To make this app working, you need to synchronize the beacon with proximity UDID (Unique Device Identifier).

Beacon Installed in Fridge

What if the beacon is installed in a fridge? It can give you some awesome information you have never thought before. When a food item is scanned with the bar code, the beacon app installed on your phone can tell you how many calories of food you are storing in the food. This is possible with the synchronization of the beacon and its app. The calories scanned by the app will be directly noted in the beacon. What next?

Beacon Alarms You on Overeating

Beacon Alarms You on Overeating

Whenever you take some food from fridge, the beacon notices it and sends notifications to the app. The app will count the intake of calories by you and notify you whenever you overeat. Even if the food item is not placed in your fridge, the app counts the calories whenever you take the food. This is a perfect example of how one should explore the beacon technology in today’s modern world.

Raising an Alarm

The app punishes you if at all you overeat despite of reminders. The app will display the full screen ads or ask for app payment or broadcast some irrelevant messages on your social media profiles if you overeat. It will create some good problems for you. Do you like such problems? After all it’s an app that is taking care of your health, but we have more knowledge than app what to eat and what no to eat. So follow the app instructions when it alarms you rather than ignoring it.

A Perfect App to Control Calories

It doesn’t matter what kind of food you are taking but every food item has calories in it. Fitness tracker apps just show the amount of calories you burn but if you want to know the intake of calories, such beacon apps are very useful. Overall it’s a perfect app to install and install the beacon in your fridge to know more what you eat all the day. It is not only the fridge where you can install the beacon, you can use it in the kitchen too.

The development of beacon apps in the recent days has been rapidly increasing. Initially, the beacons were limited to retail market and public places. But through this app, you will be able to see the beacon technology with a different vision. The only defect in this calorie app is it doesn’t come with iBeacon, but you have to buy your own beacon device and set the proximity UDID to synchronize the app and beacon. If you are looking for such beacon, you can connect with us on info@letsnurture.com.