Beacons Based Mobile App for a cause

Beacons and BLE device nowadays have become a centre of attraction for every small businesses. The topic itself says that beacons used here is for some cause, thinking what the cause is all about? Let me take you through this cause which will just mesmerise your thoughts and leave you in deep thoughts.

  1. Poverty in India is the biggest issues. In 2015 around 12.4% people lived in poverty, a reduction from 29.8% in 2009 along with clocking the growth of 7.6% in 2015.
  2. About 16.4 % of the European population is poor, representing 22.8% of normal GDP
  3. As of 2016 year, 14.5% of people in USA are living below poverty line.
  4. The poverty line has declined to more than a half from 1.9 million in 1990 to 836 million in 2015, over the past 2 decades in Arab countries. Despite of such progress the country is making, according to UNDP between 2010 and 2012 the percentage of the population in the region making less than $1.25 a day increased from 4.1 percent to 7.4 percent.
  5. So nearly 1/2 of the world’s population, more than 3 billion people —live on less than $2.50 a day.

The cause is Poverty, a major concern of every country, state and city. Poverty,  where one is unable to suffice the basic needs from shelter to food for himself. Being homeless isn’t just easy. Being hungry is also not easy, it’s like sleep hungry and waking up hungry.

Everybody wants to help but how? Technology can help!

Everybody wants to help poor and cut out the poverty from the society but no one wants to be the first person to step out and lend the hand to poor. Isn’t it surprising that people say “Be the change you want to see”  but no one wants to be that change first. Here is the solution for that, Beacons.

How can beacon based solution can help to eradicate poverty?

The basic concept of this beacon based application is to help the poor to get his/her daily needs or the wishlist to be fulfilled. A beacon, of less range say detecting 10 meters range is given to every destitute person ( as a keychain or tag). To enroll into this service, the person has to be associated with NGO or case worker to complete the survey, for the people to reach them.

The app user can view the profile of the person along with the picture and the wish list before donating. This will happen once the poor person comes in the vicinity of the app user and the user gets the notification for it. The app user can either donate an amount towards an item in the wish list or can either donate the item itself.

Once the product is been fully funded or donated at the center, the needy person picks up the item from the respective case worker and hopefully get some additional support if needed. The app not only satisfies the short term goal of an individual but also focuses on creating more secure footing to achieve long term goals.

Now lets use our smart phones for this cause to tackle and eliminate poverty from our society.

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How can Beacons help a business to reach a substantial audience

According to the ABI Research’s forecast, 400 million beacons will be deployed by 2020.

The beacon based solutions allow the exchange of data between the beacon and the smartphones via Bluetooth Low Energy Protocol. Beacon based solutions will revolutionise most industries across the globe.

Beacon based solution for retail industry

We see the typical hoardings that call us out for a legit discount that a store offers. It sure attracts the customers, but what about the people who are engaged on their smartphones. For such people, beacon based solutions prove to be an entire new way to attract them towards your availed offers. A notification on their cell phones through a mobile application can make them look away from the phone activity and divert their attention to your business.

Moreover, the the banners often tend to unstick to the walls after a while which makes it non-visible for the passers-by. It, however, occupies unnecessary space which can be utilised for displaying the products in your store.

According to the statistics, beacon-triggered offers drive 60% more customer engagement in-store. Beacons help the business to connect to a customer at multiple points of sales.

Retail chains and supermarkets like Carrefour, Woolworths, Tesco and many more are using proximity marketing campaigns to serve their customers. The value of in-store retail sales influenced by beacon-triggered messages in the United States in 2015 and 2016 was $4.1 billion.

Few of the features that made these retailers out stand the crowd are:

  1. Sending Push Notifications to the passers-by for availing their offers or for new arrivals and more.
  2. Triggering a message to a consumer that is in-store to pick up an online or mobile order.
  3. Sending mobile coupons while in the proximity.

Check-in at the airport made easy

Long lines for check-in has always troubled frequent flyers. This also has created chaos for the airport management, especially at the times of flight delays. This chaos has resulted into negative feedback towards the airlines and the airport. Few of the airports provide good hospitality at situations like these. But they fail to satisfy the requirements of the travellers.

Few of the major airports have leveraged the beacon based solutions to give their flyers a new experience of customer service. This implementation of the beacon based solution helped them with new strategies for customer retention.

The GVK Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (CSIA) in India has taken passenger experience to the next level by implementing advanced airport navigation app supported through beacon based technology and Augmented Reality. Furthermore, Virgin Atlantic leveraged iBeacons along with software and mobile application to send its Heathrow passengers communicative notifications, which can facilitate the passengers for easy check-in without making them wait in the long queue.

Few of the features that beacon based solutions that can help the airport management to stay ahead are:

  1. Guiding passengers along common navigation paths such as public transport points, check-in counters, immigration, boarding/arrival gates and baggage claim areas.
  2. Sending real-time notifications about flight schedules, baggage claim and boarding gates.
  3. Allow passengers to easily look up any section, store or restaurant at the airport with just one click.
  4. Sending personalised welcome message to passengers when they arrive at the airport lounge.
  5. helping in precise staff allocation with accordance to the crowd at the terminal.

Leveraging beacon based solutions for tourism industry

People have observed a manual at the front desk that asks them to write down their contact details for sending messages about new offers or services in future. However, not every individual would be willing to write down their personal details. On the other hand, beacon based solutions eliminates this by a secure method to keep a track record of the customers.

Even with a guide in place, it is difficult to cater multi-lingual audience. The beacon based solutions can eliminate the need of a guide. Moreover, by implementing the feature of audio/video or a written description of the art in multi-language, the task of the management would become easy.

Beacons help unguided tours possible with ease. Philips Museum, Eindhoven, The Netherlands has implemented beacon based solution to enhance the interactivity. The attractions can be embedded with beacon based solutions to analyse the footfalls and also to notify
the audience about the place, history and location.

Few of the major features that a beacon based solution can offer to cater the audience for a better customer satisfaction are:

  1. Alerting the tourists about information on the history of the place.
  2. Triggering messages about the transportation schedules, weather updates and public services in multiple languages.
  3. Analysing the peak hour and top performing art or place to allocate the duties of various departments accordingly.

Fostering hospitality industry

Hospitality industry faces the same difficulty as the airports while the season says ‘vacation time’. However, too much crowd at the check-in counter creates chaos for the management. At times, the delivery of laundry and food ordered from the associated restaurants are delayed because of the rush. However, this situation can be easily fathomed by adopting beacon based solutions.

In fact, the retail stores, hotels and restaurants can use beacons to notify their customer about any on-going offers or merely about the specials that their restaurants offer. They can also analyse the data about their customer for building better relationship and happy customer base.

Marriott hotels implanted beacons to get feedback on their services in real-time and understand and serve their customers better. Starwood Hotels & Resorts has tested beacon based solutions in two of its properties. Moreover, the guests will receive a virtual key on their smartphone through a mobile application that allows them to unlock their room’s door by tapping a button.

Few of the benefits to render from the beacon based solutions are:

  1. Communicating route maps to key-less entry,
  2. Real-time feedback sharing.
  3. Sending a ‘check-in’ push notification on the hotel app for a digital check-in.
  4. Providing access to the in-room controls through a mobile app like AC, TV, lights, etc.

LetsNurture has been working on beacon based solutions and is able to provide good solutions to the clients. We have developed beacon based mobile application for smart museum that enables the users to get notified about the art and also allow the museum management to strengthen customer engagement. If you are looking for a similar solutions for your brand, please feel free to contact us on

Look Before You Leap by Getting Road Warning Signs on Your Smartphones through Beacon Technology!

Not following the warning signs at public places can create problems for you. There are times when you cannot see those warning signs. It might be due to low visibility, damaged warning boards, misplacing the boards etc. With the enhancement of Bluetooth technology that are used in Beacons, it is now possible to get location based warning on your smartphones for the respective warning boards. The warning boards might be on the roads, water parks,  zoos etc that give several warnings with respect to the situations. Now let us see how the beacon technology can help you:

Warnings in the language you know:

If you are a traveller and don’t know the local language, you need not worry because the warning information will be given in multiple languages. This feature will help a lot for the people who are new to the place and don’t have much idea about some languages. You can also access the beacon app in multiple languages according to your convenience.

Message alerts on weather conditions:

There are times when the weather conditions are not constant and often change. Besides giving information about warning boards, the beacon also alerts you about the change in extreme conditions. This is all possible with some amazing beacon BLE app development by the developers all over the world.

Navigating you to reach a safe place:

In such extreme conditions, you are guided by the map to reach a safe place. The danger spots shown in the map should be avoided. If you don’t have the beacon app in your smartphone at that point of time, you might face severe problem. If there are any kind of problems you can inform the authorities who will be available to help you. So, you can just imagine the importance of the beacon technology in this fast-growing world.


These are just some of the advantages that you can get with the beacon technology. However, there is lot to explore in this domain. If you have any ideas related to beacon app development or want an app for your business, we have customized beacons for you. Get a quote to install them at your business centres.

The Range And Extensiveness of Beacons You Might Be Unaware of!

Beacons are like unsung heroes! People have no idea about the promising future it might provide with. It is a Bluetooth enabled device that works on low energy and transmits signals to the beacon app in your smartphone with useful information. Most of the retailers are testing the beacon technology in their stores to make the customers know about their products and discount offers. But do you know the range at which these beacons stop working or the point from where they start emitting signals? If not, read the below points to know more:

Range of Beacon:

Beacon starts transmitting Bluetooth signals from 2 centimeters and the maximum limit is 70 metres. The zones are classified according to the distance, they are 5 metres named as immediate, 20 metres as near, 30 meters is considered to be far. However, the maximum range is 70 metres in some cases, it might be in reach every time.

Beacon CMS to determine distance:

Campaign Management System (CMS) is capable of triggering the distance of the customers’ smartphones. With this, the retailers can trigger the message to any customer within the zone.  Campaign Management System helps to tailor Messaging with respect to the incoming of the customers in the stores.

Designed for indoors & outdoors:

Whether you use the beacons indoors or outdoors, the extent of the beacon will remain the same. The expanse doesn’t affect the signal transmission of the beacon to the smartphone. So it’s up to you that where and how you use this technology.

Beacon in shopping mall
This is all about the range of Beacon. Talking about its battery, it lasts for 2 years and you can also check the levels of the battery by Campaign Management System. Due to its longer battery life and limits, retail stores leverages its use.

Beacon App Crafters

When it comes to developing apps for beacons, there are many firms all around the world. But very few of them are reliable and Lets Nurture is one of them. It is an beacon app development company and looking forward to build beacon apps for retailers. If you are looking for any kind of information or want to develop beacon app for your retail store, do not hesitate to contact us at any point of time!

Top 5 Places for iBeacon Applications

This month, Apple switched to iBeacons in all of the 254 U.S retail stores. The iBeacon supports uses BLE to give information to the iOS device of a user when they come within a range of iBeacon device. The technology experts say that apart from the stores, iBeacons can also be used at other places.

Some of the top locations where iBeacon applications can be used are:

1. Hospitals

iBeacons can be used in hospitals effectively. Users can use their maps and navigation with help of iBeacons for getting emergency help. They can simply be put in every hospital unit with a map that can assist the users to navigate through. It can also be applicable as a guide for each floors of the hospital near the entrances and elevators.

The unit in a hospital can also send out necessary information and guidance to the patients before they visit an ICU, about the waiting time and online registration forms in emergency rooms.

2. Conference Rooms

Nowadays, conferences supports maps etc with information about events and schedules and also a mobile app. iBeacon support makes things easy and give additional information. The users can get alerts about necessary data with regards to each event, meeting,etc at the conference.

3. Restaurants

When iBeacons are applicable in restaurants and cafeterias, the customers can get much data on the type of food items and their calories, the local source of the products, suggested food and drinks etc. The users can also get additional information about history of the place and other options of food.

4. Exhibitions and Museums

iBeacons can be put to use in museums and exhibitions, zoos etc to provide basic information to visitors about what they are viewing giving them a sort of a guided tour as they pass by. The users can use this information to take a interest at a specific display or simply walk on.

5. Assisting the Visually Impaired

With support from the current Apple technologies that help the visually impaired people in everyday life like dictation technology and text-to-speech ability via Siri, iBeacons can do wonders. They can further exploit the technology to provide ad hoc subject matter about a venue that might come of use to these special people.

The use of iBeacons can be further expanded across other domains if need be.

Develop your application using latest Bluetooth Low Energy devices for more detail send your inquiry.