Leveraging Retail Insights by using Beacon

The striking rise of beacon-based technology in the last few years has allowed more and more retailers to experiment and discover use cases for micro location and proximity engagement that was never possible before.

Forbes stated in one of its articles that beacons as a trend might be dead in 2017. On the contrary, proximity marketing experts took it into a different situation. According to the article, one of the reason why beacons are predicted to see a drop in 2017 is because of their dependency in app adoption. And the second reason is beacons provide the micro-level data that most retailers fail to benefit in this competitive world. Moreover it was also stated that the retailers who are able to integrate online and offline shopping journey may come out as clear winners in 2017. Beacons connect the offline world with the online. Thus, it holds a great potential as they help brands to gain deep insights on consumer  preferences and behaviors.

We can equip retailers with advanced analytics to gain the insights into the rising change in consumer behaviour. Let’s have a deep look about how retailers can leverage analytics to employ data-driven approach to measure the customers behaviour.

Creating maps from the consumer activity to improve retail store layouts

Retailers can design the store layouts. It responds to the requirements of customers by deploying the right mixture of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and beacon. The hardware also tracks the location of the retail customers once they enter into the store, browse and complete their shopping. Maps can help retailers to identify the common walking paths for customers as they enter into the store.

Mapping is also ideal for tracking products or services that customers are willing to have. Once the data is on hand, retailers are able to understand the customer experience better in their own store. Accordingly they can redesign to make the entire store feel more accessible to users.

App Features can be helpful to gather valuable purchasing data

Shopping lists within the app can also act as a source of shopping data. For an instance, cross referencing the shopping list with the actual products purchased at the end of the shopping trip can provide deeper insights into the shopper decisions. Even the target can be provided by sending notifications and coupons.

Proximity-based marketing collects real time feedback

Beacon makes easy for the customers to ping for customers feedback directly as they approach to any popular product or pass by new marketing display. Notifications alerts collects first impressions instantly. Adjustments are made to reflect the customer’s responses. Even, by rewarding the customers with small bonuses or incentives after they respond, retailers can fortify the value of beacon technology and can also encourage more customers to use such services.

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Tour Guides to Transform the Visitor Experience by Using Beacons!

Beacons have transformed the user experiences up to great extent. Many retail markets, malls, airports, parks, transport systems, gas stations etc have been using this technology to give more benefits to the customers. Equally, the response from the customers is also interesting to see as they are too enjoying the notifications and messages of the current offers at their fingertips. In the similar way, now the tourists can get handy information from the tour guide. Let’s now see how the tour guides can transform the visitor experience:

Visitors can find tour guides easily:

With the Beacon technology, now the visitors can find their tour guide by navigation system. For instance, if you are in a fort viewing different sculptures and architectural designs of the ancient times. And imagine you lost your way, you can find your tour guide by navigating the location. Isn’t it great to find the tour guides at your fingertips instead of searching all around the fort?

Get information about every place:

It is now possible to get every information about the sculptures and different monuments in the fort on your smartphones.  Moreover, when the tour guide explains about the importance of the place, you can simultaneously view the information live on your smartphone. Equally, this makes it pretty easy for you to understand the importance of the monument and the architecture.

Connect with different tour guides:

By using the beacons at the tourist centers, you can connect with the different tour guides if they are in the range of beacons. There is a possibility that the visitors can rate the tour guides making it easy for other tourists to select the best. However, this feature is not implemented at present, but it can be done through excellent Beacon BLE app development.

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The Range And Extensiveness of Beacons You Might Be Unaware of!

Beacons are like unsung heroes! People have no idea about the promising future it might provide with. It is a Bluetooth enabled device that works on low energy and transmits signals to the beacon app in your smartphone with useful information. Most of the retailers are testing the beacon technology in their stores to make the customers know about their products and discount offers. But do you know the range at which these beacons stop working or the point from where they start emitting signals? If not, read the below points to know more:

Range of Beacon:

Beacon starts transmitting Bluetooth signals from 2 centimeters and the maximum limit is 70 metres. The zones are classified according to the distance, they are 5 metres named as immediate, 20 metres as near, 30 meters is considered to be far. However, the maximum range is 70 metres in some cases, it might be in reach every time.

Beacon CMS to determine distance:

Campaign Management System (CMS) is capable of triggering the distance of the customers’ smartphones. With this, the retailers can trigger the message to any customer within the zone.  Campaign Management System helps to tailor Messaging with respect to the incoming of the customers in the stores.

Designed for indoors & outdoors:

Whether you use the beacons indoors or outdoors, the extent of the beacon will remain the same. The expanse doesn’t affect the signal transmission of the beacon to the smartphone. So it’s up to you that where and how you use this technology.

Beacon in shopping mall
This is all about the range of Beacon. Talking about its battery, it lasts for 2 years and you can also check the levels of the battery by Campaign Management System. Due to its longer battery life and limits, retail stores leverages its use.

Beacon App Crafters

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