BLE Solutions: New age security for homes and offices

Imagine, your cousin arrives at your home couple of hours early, but you’re stuck at work with prospect of getting home for hours. Your neighbor has a spare key but they aren’t at home either. It’s snowing outside, and your cousin’s taxi is long gone. Lately, there was very little that could be done to help in such situation. But thanks to a iBeacon-powered home automation solution, potentially controlled by you from your smartphone, your cousin can gain entry while keeping your home safe and secure.

How Do Smart Locks And Bluetooth enabled Beacons Keep Your Home Safe?


Smart locks with iBeacon solutions keep your home safe in numerous ways, and Bluetooth technology has a major role to play in all of these variations. First, Bluetooth is in use in so many different products, as compared to competing technologies. Almost every smartphone comes equipped with iBeacon, and the same can be said for the vast majority of smart devices on the market. With so many smart devices being capable of using and communicating with beacon, it makes it much easier for homeowners to integrate their smart locks with other smart devices. This casts a much wider safety net, which will help keep homeowners safe.

Also, in comparison to smart locks and smart devices that run solely on Wi-Fi connectivity or other similar protocols, Bluetooth devices are much safer, especially with the advent of the low energy feature of iBeacon. Smart locks and smart devices with these capabilities do not have to be constantly connected to the Internet, which drastically reduces the chances of someone hacking into your home. In addition to this, they operate with the minimal use of power, which in turn makes them long lasting and efficient. These two features go hand in hand to make it nearly impossible for someone to infiltrate your network. Bluetooth enabled iBeacon transmissions are also done through adaptive frequency hopping. This doubly ensures that the proper transmissions are being sent from one point to another without any external interference.

The main flaw of iBeacon transmission over ad hoc networks is the lack of network access control, however, this issue is nullified by authentication methods that make sure that only

The main flaw of Bluetooth enabled iBeacon transmissions over ad hoc networks is the lack of network access control, however, this issue is nullified by authentication methods that make sure that only authorized ‘nodes’ can inject traffic into a network. In this case, your smartphone would be the authorized node attempting to communicate with your smart lock.

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Beacon Based Solution for Your Marketing Needs

Imagine this, you’re walking on street, going for work. As you work your way, your cell phone vibrates and a distinguishable ring sounds off.

You immediately check your phone to see that you’ve received a notification from the shop nearby, offering you a 25% discount on your purchase. Your face lights up with excitement with that little voice in your heading saying, “how did they know I was here?”

Has this ever happened to you before?

With users moving to mobile devices, marketers and retailers need to recognize the importance and growth of technology. In addition to applications and e-mails, the modern consumer is well aware of all the ways they can score deals, buy products or more importantly, learn about the product. With iBeacon mobile app development leveraging BLE technology, this is becoming surreal.

“Internet of things is becoming a reality in today’s world. “

How BLE/ iBeacon based Marketing works resulting in Smart Retailing?

A small, battery powered ibeacon is installed throughout a location that emits a Bluetooth signal known as BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). Once the beacons are set-up, mobile devices will pick up the signal when in proximity to them and a notification will be sent immediately to the mobile device with a distinct message. The design is simple yet effective.

iBeacon based proximity marketing offers companies unique and interesting ways to engage with customers through BLE technology and iBeacon mobile apps. Consumers then receive a customized user experience including suggestions, discounts and more. In order to attract customers, brands are willing to try new marketing techniques.

iBeacon mobile app solutions for Enhanced Customer Engagement

The interaction between retailers and consumers offered by ibeacons came at the perfect time. The consumers are more than willing to use mobile devices as means to integrate their shopping experiences. Either by sharing their experiences or getting perks, consumers want to use their mobile devices at the store. Retailers should understand that success of beacon based marketing depends on the additional values offered to consumers.

The more a brand interacts with consumers, the higher the chance for consumer to be engaged with them. This results to our hypothesis that iBeacon mobile application development can increase customer retention and patronage. So when you relate it to beacon marketing, that engagement from a brand not only multiples, it can offer a whole new experience to the consumer and add another channel to interact with.

Leveraging BLE/ iBeacon mobile app development, brands can offer deals, tailor their suggestions and offer incentives to purchase merchandise for in-store consumers thus making shopping experience unique and interactive.

Time to invest in iBeacon mobile solutions for marketing and sales

Information from ibeacons can provide organizations with the same physical personalization and targeting advantages they already have online.

“If you know customers spend a great deal of time in this store versus another store, and this product grouping versus another, you might do some retargeting across one of your ad networks, or maybe in your app” as a result of that knowledge, according to Leddy. iBeacons can help gain more detailed customer insights. For example, retailers can have better sense of how long customers spend on average in their stores, and in which aisles.

Retailers are likely to get the attention they want for their marketing messages when they use ibeacons based solutions. And the geo-targeted messages ibeacons transmit can increase the “open rate” of mobile marketing messages significantly.

Benefits of iBeacon App Development:

Benefits of Beacon Technology to boost the businesses are seamless. Let us have a quickie on how it symbolises the concept of Smart retailing.

Shopping Malls -:

    • You walk into your local grocery store and your phone buzzes, but this time it’s not a text message, it’s a welcome message from the store, delivered through an iBeacon mobile application you downloaded months ago and likely haven’t used since.

Whether it’s a simple welcome message, a coupon or a promotion, retailers are increasingly trying to engage customers by communicating with them via their downloaded apps, their location and even their digital shopping lists.

Benefits of Smart Retailing -:

  • Cost-effective and Easy to Adopt
  • Effective Advertising Tool
  • Boosts the Power of Personalization
  • Increases Application Engagement and Retention
  • Provides Insightful Data

iBeacons can be used to enhance a real life experience with relevant information, this adds the factor of personalization and convenience boosting the loyalty of the brand to generate more revenue.

How Let’s Nurture can help for BLE/ iBeacon mobile app development?

The best iBeacons and IoT app development company in Ahmedabad, India; Let’s Nurture has been providing unparalleled end-to-end BLE/ iBeacon app development solutions. Specialized in IoT app development, Let’s Nurture has proficient iBeacon app developers working under the same roof at its ODC in Ahmedabad, who have developed their own iBeacons and have installed more than 120  iBeacon till the date by working on 27+ iBeacon app development projects.

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