The Range And Extensiveness of Beacons You Might Be Unaware of!

Beacons are like unsung heroes! People have no idea about the promising future it might provide with. It is a Bluetooth enabled device that works on low energy and transmits signals to the beacon app in your smartphone with useful information. Most of the retailers are testing the beacon technology in their stores to make the customers know about their products and discount offers. But do you know the range at which these beacons stop working or the point from where they start emitting signals? If not, read the below points to know more:

Range of Beacon:

Beacon starts transmitting Bluetooth signals from 2 centimeters and the maximum limit is 70 metres. The zones are classified according to the distance, they are 5 metres named as immediate, 20 metres as near, 30 meters is considered to be far. However, the maximum range is 70 metres in some cases, it might be in reach every time.

Beacon CMS to determine distance:

Campaign Management System (CMS) is capable of triggering the distance of the customers’ smartphones. With this, the retailers can trigger the message to any customer within the zone.  Campaign Management System helps to tailor Messaging with respect to the incoming of the customers in the stores.

Designed for indoors & outdoors:

Whether you use the beacons indoors or outdoors, the extent of the beacon will remain the same. The expanse doesn’t affect the signal transmission of the beacon to the smartphone. So it’s up to you that where and how you use this technology.

Beacon in shopping mall
This is all about the range of Beacon. Talking about its battery, it lasts for 2 years and you can also check the levels of the battery by Campaign Management System. Due to its longer battery life and limits, retail stores leverages its use.

Beacon App Crafters

When it comes to developing apps for beacons, there are many firms all around the world. But very few of them are reliable and Lets Nurture is one of them. It is an beacon app development company and looking forward to build beacon apps for retailers. If you are looking for any kind of information or want to develop beacon app for your retail store, do not hesitate to contact us at any point of time!

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