Blog-iBeacon Wonders: Theme Park using iBeacon in Netherlands

A theme park in Netherlands has come with a new app that will use the iBeacon technology. The app users will get extra information on their smart phones as per their location in the park. This technology is inventer by Lab Werk a dutch agency. It is for the  first time, a technology of this type will be applicable in an European theme park.

Lab Werk Developing Tulpenland with iBeacon Technology

With iBeacon’s Bluetooth technology, LabWerk, in partnership with Fluwel’s Tulpenland will place number of beacons around the park. It will send messages to the visitor’s mobiles when they visit the park. Marije van den Hoek from Tulpenland said We’re looking forward to implementing this new way of sharing the story of the tulip. We see iBeacon technology as a great way to engage with our visitors, particularly those of a younger age, who can be quite difficult to connect with.

How the Park will Benefit from iBeacon Technology

With iBeacon technology, the park visitors will have more information in different formats. Moreover, with this app, innovative content will be offered to customers in a more creative manner. Soon, the use of audio and video will be added with the information for customers who would be interested to know more details about tulip.

iBeacons will add more attractions and innovative features in the near future. However, this technology will be ready from April 2014.

Some Information about LabWerk and Tulpenland

LabWerk is a start up in Amsterdam that uses iBeacon technology in its applications. Moreover, their engaging platform gives a unique user experience by local content delivery, contactless payments and precise indoor navigation with customer behavior analysis.

Tulpenland provides educational knowledge for every age group sharing the actual story behind the tulip. However, Tulpenland is open regularly from April to October from 10 am to 6 pm.

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