iBeacon Technology Gets Holier with Prophets Bringing Rubens to Life!

The prophets belonging to the digital communication recently designed an iBeacon prototype at the Antwerp museum known as ‘The Rubens House’. Through the iBeacon, prophets studied how the visitors could converse with the works of Peter Paul Rubens, an old master. This mind-blowing concept has breathed life into the classical artifacts!

The history and making

As soon as apple unveiled the iBeacon technology in the end of 2013 with iphones and ipad; the prophets recognized the potential of this technology.  Right from the beginning, the prophets had created a digital strategy for Antwerp museums by giving a lot of importance to the technologies being used in the mobile devices. The authorities at the Rubens House were quite keen to strike a partnership with ibeacon. So they conducted a study on how to make the works of the painter Peter Paul Robins come alive.

The working

With the help of iBeacon technology, one could make out the position of the visitors exploring the museum. Since beacons are wireless, they were installed without the structural hindrances in the historical museum.

iBeacon Technology with Prophets

As soon as the visitors download the app at the ticket counter and enter the courtyard with their smart device, beacon sends a message through the app and they can explore the history of the porchway through an augmented reality.

Interact and react

Once the visitors enter the room, they get alerts to interact with the artworks. When they start looking for particular works of art and reach the desired painting, iBeacon sends a confirmation through a push notification that they are standing in front of the apt painting. Thereafter, one can zoom the artworks on one’s smart device and look at the X-rays of painting. It gets more interactive when they are asked to solve few quiz questions.

Other features :-

Have a look at some of the other fascinating features:

1. The inner courtyard introduces you to the history of porchway. One can start exploring right from the painted image of 16th century to the photograph from the beginning of 19th century.

2. There are several paintings that display the portraits of Rubens’ wives and children. As a part of one of the quizzes, you are asked to place the right family member in the right place on the family tree.

3. The iBeacons of the museum merge to form a GPS system which can guide the visitors to follow a thematic route through the Rubens House.

iBeacon technology

The prophets of The Rubens House are about to upgrade the museum by using a digital and interactive layer by giving an unbelievable experience to the users! Watch out this space for more…

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