iBeacon in Banks can save your Precious time!

Working on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), iBeacons can combine mobile and physical channels that will enable banks to send notifications directly to the customer’s smartphone. The notifications can be regarding promotions, offers or coupons and will be received by the customer when he/ she has downloaded the bank’s mobile application and walks into the bank.

The technology aims to provide a continuous flow of relevant information. This help users depending on their precise location in the bank, near the bank or at an ATM. Technologies such as QR codes and NFC can take up some or lot of your time and can also be less accurate. So, iBeacon technology hits bull’s eye. A similar optional service was announced this February by the Australian bank, Westpac. iPhone and Android users should be able to receive various notifications on their devices.

At an estimate, humans have over 200 million phones! However, with credit unions and banks already trying hard to improve branch banking economics. Moreover, the integration of iBeacon in bank processes could deliver personal services for every individual entering the bank.

How iBeacon Technology proves helpful for Banks?

Some potential things that can make going to banks a lot easier with iBeacon technology are:

  • A welcome notification and a list of services the bank offers, along with directions or a map
  • As soon as a customer enters, bank staff can receive alerts regarding the customer’s account and transaction history
  • Customers can be provided a waiting time for services they wish to avail
  • Customers can receive personal messages depending upon their account activity or location within the bank. Take an instance, receiving messages on transferring funds easily when they are standing near the cash deposit counter

iBeacon technology is definitely here to stay. Only time will tell what other advancements we make in the fields of science and technology! For such application development contact us.

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