Beacons Increase the Mobile footprint of your Business and leverage Smart Shopping Strips!

This is an inspiration from movies such as Confessions of Shopaholic or Devil Wears Prada! But even those Hollywood flicks featuring shopping freaks do not even portray the tantalizing urge to shop what Waitrose in Wales and McDonalds in Germany are leaning their customers into. Beacons“ the Next-Gen of wireless network with unlimited use-cases are the bases for.

beacon in shopping
beacon in shopping

Imagine yourself on a weekend eve at Times Square or at Leicester Square. While you walk along with you Beacon enabled Smart Phone, you get a notification for Beer with Hamburger having discount offer from the shops (Yes I meant shops) you walking by. Furthermore steps and you get push notification for a special offer from the pub for upcoming Saturday night. Hence, the stores are interacting with you as you go along! You can choose for yourself what you seek! And all of that without requiring 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS or any high bandwidth network!

Let’s understand how it is done:

Whether you are a single retail shop, shopping mall, nationwide (or global) franchise network or a busy shopping strip, you can equip your store with Beacons to interact with your customers while they are in the range of Beacon. Moreover, through pre-set push notifications, you can send offers and information as per the marketing strategy you wish to deploy. And inside the shopping strip, you can collaborate with other stores to provide effective combos to increase sales mutually.

The Quasi-Effect:

If we peep in our heads into the future, the user would walk through the shopping malls or the strips expecting who is providing offers. Moreover, they won’t be looking at the static banner outside your store. With the maximum range of 70 meters, your customer would just stroll passed your store, if their Smart Phone does not flash an offer. So you can choose for yourself whether having an informational website and a social media page is enough to stay in the competition or it demands more with changing technology?

The Opportunist:

The rise of internet and smart phones has adversely affected the offline businesses. And this is an answer to the requirement to leverage the enhancements of technology to woo your customer. Larger businesses with their Mobile Apps are integrating beacon technology and running nationwide sales campaign through push notifications. Beacon technology provides you the benefits to seize the opportunity.

The Architect:

Now we understand you must have zillions of questions. And you want to get an idea for the cost, feasibility, and more. We at LetsNurture are pro at integration of Beacon technology to your Mobile Apps and Websites. We offer customized business solutions to provide the mobile footprint to your businesses. So, get in touch with one of our Analysts with your requirements and we will provide you an estimation in detail. Send us an email to

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